Google Fixes Chrome for iOS, Malwarebytes Tackles Ransomware… [Tech News Digest]

Google improves Chrome for iOS, Malwarebytes protects you from ransomware, Oracle finally kills the Java plugin, Google Play embraces positivity, and Paul Rudd and Stephen Hawking play quantum chess.

Chrome for iOS Is Faster, More Stable

Google has released a new version of Chrome for iOS which the company claims[4] is “significantly faster and more stable” than previous versions. Which is just as well given most iOS users’ attitude to Chrome, which is known for being sluggish[5] and prone to crashing on their favorite operating system.

Chrome for iOS is now faster and more stable as a result of serious changes under the hood. Chrome 48 uses the same WKWebView rendering engine as Safari, replacing the old UIWebView, which was to blame for most of the speed and reliability issues. Google claims speeds may have increased tenfold, with crashes being reduced by around 70 percent.

You can download the new version of Chrome for iOS[6] to your iPhone or iPad from the App Store. And it’s surely worth seeing whether Google’s claims are accurate. However, we suspect it will take more than this to convince the average Apple advocate to switch from Safari[7] to Chrome. Because, in their eyes at least, Google is evil.

Malwarebytes Launches Anti-Ransomware